Conversations with Mom


Ross knew full well that when he married me last November, he was marrying my family too.  And I think he considers himself lucky.  I mean, being legally bound to the wonderful humans who helped make me who I am?  Only one man will ever have that blessing. 

My family and I are tight–like can’t get the lid off the jar no matter how many times you whack it on the counter and even try a rubber gripper tight.  As you might imagine, my mom, dad, sister and I talk on the phone quite regularly.  In fact, I tend to call my mother almost every day during lunch.  Today’s noon-time conversation was particularly memorable:

Katie:  Well, gotta go.  Time to heat up some leftovers for lunch.

Mom:  You know what I did yesterday? 

(…something I’ve learned: Always budget at *least* 10 extra minutes on the phone for the additional conversation that will inevitably ensue immediately upon saying the words “gotta go”)

Katie: What’s that?

Mom: I ate something out of the fridge and I still don’t know what it was.

Katie: Are you kidding me?

Mom: It’s not like it was bad for me or anything–it was just a container of leftovers!  But I grabbed it, thinking it was something specific, heated it up, took my first bite and thought, well this isn’t right.  I racked my brain trying to figure out whose recipe this was—Ellie? Giada? Ina?  Anyway, it was really good.

Katie:  Good Lord, Mom.

Mom:  Come to think of it, I’m not sure it was even a meal.  It didn’t have any protein. 

Katie:  …….

Mom: I think it was a side dish.

…Remember me saying Ross is lucky?  Who else has a mother-in-law who busts out little gems like these on a Thursday afternoon?

(Image by Matt Blum Photography)

3 thoughts on “Conversations with Mom

  1. Scary! But, she is looking good, maybe I should start cleaning out my frig…. Although, I’ll need to watch out for the raw meat for the bird. Mmm.

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