Rodent Rodeo

We live in a rockin’ condo in an incredibly old building.  Several years ago, the inside of the building was gutted and the six units inside were beautifully redone.  Our place is so modern on the inside it can be easy to forget that the outside is circa 1882.  And while our building is utterly charming, some of the headaches that come with it are not.

We’ve come to terms with our drafty windows and creaky floorboards, but our most recent challenge has really put us on edge.  After coming home from our honeymoon last month, we discovered that while we were out someone else had moved in.

That Sunday night, I was upstairs catching up on some Tivo-ed Oprah (Yep, if you’re going to keep reading this blog, you and I are going to have to get past that one together.  I like her.  And her boyfriend’s name is Stedman. That’s my new last name.  If you can’t see how we are cosmically connected then I can’t help you…) when I heard Ross very calmly utter the words no home owner (or renter) wants to hear:

Honey, I just saw a mouse.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t panic or fear that struck me.  I was mostly just annoyed–and I could tell Ross was annoyed too.  We’re serious bedtime nerds–and this nocturnal nuisance was putting a real cramp in our sleep-time style.

When I came downstairs to the scene of the crime (he broke in, did he not?) Ross had become certain that the mouse was hiding behind our center island.  He was all, “We’ve gotta catch this thing.”  And I’m all, “Did you see exterminator in the Wife Job Description before you locked me down?  I don’t think so.”  Un-thwarted, Ross said, “I think we need an aerial attack.  Did you see the Sandlot?”  Sigh.

(the first two minutes are sufficient)

And so, my dear Husband gallantly climbed atop our kitchen island to catch the mouse before it could catch on.

Of course, by the time Ross had planned his attack, the little critter had scampered off to wherever he came from.  So we didn’t catch him–but I think Ross was more disappointed that he didn’t even have a chance to try.

It’s OK, honey.  Even Yeah-Yeah dropped the ball.

Update:  We saw the mouse again.  We didn’t catch him.  Again.

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