A Sensitive Subject

I can usually count on a few things happening on our weekly trips to Target:

1. Ross looks over at me in my ponytail, sweatshirt, and cutoff yoga pants and asks, “Gonna get dressed?”

“I am dressed,” I explain…again. (Where is the credit I’m due for the strides I’ve made since getting out of bed this morning?  I put on mascara, for God’s sake.  ……And I’m not even wearing my Snuggie anymore.)

2. We navigate the utter chaos that is the parking lot and pray to make it indoors without being sideswiped by a rogue shopping cart that was no doubt set a-roll by some unsupervised six-year-old.

3. Once inside we do our best to pick out the shopping cart with the least offensive squeak and instead end up with a PB&J smudged handle bar and only three working wheels.

The rest of the trip can really unfold in any direction.

On our shopping list today was toothpaste.  Product diversification has gotten so out of control these days one can easily find themselves questioning their sanity .  The 67 different toothpaste options cause such confusion that you suddenly can’t remember anything about that tube you reach for at least twice every. single. day.  “What do we get again?  Crest?,” Ross asks. “I don’t know what you get anymore, but I use Sensodyne,” I reply, completely oblivious to the drama that was about to unfold…


“I have sensitive teeth.  So I switched.”

“You did this without even telling me?”


“I can’t believe this.  You didn’t even think to ask if I might have sensitive teeth too.”

“….Do you have sensitive teeth?”

Well the answer was yes.  And so we bought some more Sensodyne – on sale! Score!

I guess it just goes to show that there is always something new you can learn about your partner.

That, and the fact that I’m going to need to start announcing any upcoming brand changes to my lineup of personal hygiene products.

Disclaimer: I’m well aware that unveiling our use of Sensodyne skyrockets us into the Nerd Hall of Fame.  But 9 out of 10 dentists recommend it.  And my teeth feel great, so back off.

(image found here)

8 thoughts on “A Sensitive Subject

  1. Thank heavens we take our computer to Palm Desert, so I can keep up with the blog! I would hate to miss out on the St Pauly girl gems!

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  3. so….i found your blog while reading mrs. smith’s, and then i saw your tribute to nerdiness here…well, i have devoted an entire blog to nerdiness so i thought i’d link you up!

  4. @Tokyo Terrace – I’m hoping if nothing else, I keep discovering that we’re not alone in all of these ridiculous tales…thanks so much for your comments! So happy to have you following!

  5. It’s cool…my dentist sent me home with sensodyne. Have yet to purchase it myself though. That will be a big day :-)

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