Those interested in the tales of Ross and Katie might also be interested to know that Katie’s sister is blogging, too!

Beckie is spending the semester in Sydney, Australia and has just fired up her blog.  You can read about (and if you’re like us, be incredibly jealous of) her adventures Down Under by adding AustraLovell to your bookmarks and readers.

Beckie has an excellent sense of humor and I can promise her writing won’t be short on excitement:

So far I have held a koala, trecked through the Rainforest, scuba dived at the Great Barrier Reef, and braved public transportation…..just to name a few things.

And if nothing else, check it out for the important cultural lessons you’ll learn:

7. If someone is “pissing on you” aka making fun of you, it means they like you.

I can only imagine how that conversation went the first time around:  “Did you see that?  Liam was totally pissing on her!”


Happy reading!



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