Deal or No Deal

“I’ll make you a deal,” he said.

“I’ll vacuum the entire condo if you first clean out the canister and filter full of your ridiculous hair.”




Living together is really just one big Game Show, no?


8 thoughts on “Deal or No Deal

    • I’m pretty sure Ross can’t believe I actually put this up for all of the Interwebs to see.

      But the fact of the matter is….you’d never believe it if you couldn’t see it for yourself.

      Internet: That is all. my. hair.

  1. you must have a good vaucumm to pick all that up….our fildter and canitor would A) get clogged first or B) overheat and have to rest for an hour before it starts again.
    What brand did you guys end up going for?

  2. (sorry for the misspellings) my keyboard (at work) isn’t working great these days. Maybe it was the hot cocoa i spilled on it a couple weeks ago.

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  4. I have such a hard time letting Mr. Smith clean out our vacuum cleaner — it seriously is a mess of blonde hair! And that’s before we even GET to the canister! Sometimes the roller things on the bottom stop rotating because of all the hair they’ve picked up …… UGH.

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