Ghost of Christmas Past

It been cloudy and/or foggy and/or misty and/or rainy for the past five days in the Twin Cities.  And although most of us working through the last few weeks of our SAD see this as no improvement, I’m pretty excited about what all of this ugly precipitation has to offer – it’s melting the snow!

All of that (now completely ugly and utterly useless) white stuff is finally disappearing from the rickety staircase leading up to our condo–meaning Ross and I can once again climb up to our residence without the crippling fear of slipping and falling to our untimely deaths.

Earlier this week I was admiring our nearly snow-free stairs and noticed a tiny, dried up remnant from our first holiday season as a married couple (“tiny” and “dried up” referring only to the pine needles, of course–not our first holiday season as a married couple.  OK, glad we’re clear on that one.) 

While those dying for spring may berate me for hurtling you back into the cold, I thought the story of our first Christmas tree might be worth the couple paragraphs of winter writing. 

And I think I’ll write about it tomorrow. 

For now?  A taste of what’s to come:

It’s a cliffhanger, no?

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