You’ve got (Awesome) Mail

Yesterday was a pretty big mail day at the Stedman residence. 

We got not one, but two very welcome pieces of correspondence from the government.  When was the last time you heard anyone say that?

When I got home last night Ross was all, “The Census is here!”.  And I’m all, “BRING IT ON!”. 

Did you know that your response to the Census is required by law?  I sure didn’t.  And Ross and I are thinking…why didn’t they put that on the (superfluous) letter they sent us last week?  I mean, money to support my community and schools and little adorable children is great and all, but threaten me with a federal offense?  I’d never survive  jail.  And besides, jumpsuit orange is sooo not my color.

Secondly, and even more importantly, we got our state tax return check!  Thankyouverymuch, State of Minnesota, I’m taking that check straight to the Apple store.  And Ross is apparently taking the rest of it straight to our savings account.  (Have you met Ross?  When asked for a three word description of himself for our wedding website, he gave me “Practical is fun”.  Of course I’m not kidding. )

And last, but oh-so-certainly not least, I got this:

Are you reading this, you guys?  An important message from Oprah to me!  I mean, I figured if she had something really important to say she’d just Skype me like she does all of her guests who couldn’t make it to Chicago.  But come to think of it, we’re not Skype buddies.  It was probably easier to just look my address up in the phone book.

Anyway, turns out it was just a message to tell me how “important” it is that I renew my subscription to O Magazine so Oprah can continue to “change my life” through the printed word.  And I’m all, duh, Oprah.  Don’t have to tell me twice.



Just *try* to tell me you had a better mail day on Tuesday than we did.

5 thoughts on “You’ve got (Awesome) Mail

  1. Laura and I got our census stuff last week and I was a bit disappointed. They just wanted to know the basic info (how many people are living here, gender, birthdate). No interesting questions. I was bummed.

  2. I just got our Census stuff from Ohio today! Can’t tell you how excited we were! To top it all off we got 2 pieces of federal mail as well! The Census papers as well as my new social security card! :)

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