Waste Not, Want Not

I returned yesterday from a long and satisfying weekend with my girlfriends.  We had a fantastic time watching hours of Tivo, eating Easter candy and, of course, snuggling.  But after my third night away from him, I really did start to miss Ross.  Below is one of the first conversations we had upon my return:

Ross: Honey, did you throw away that ball of tinfoil on the counter?

Katie: Yes, why?

Ross: Ughhh there was banana bread in there!!

(Well of course there was something edible in that crumpled mess of aluminum.  Absolutely can’t believe I could be so foolish!  What do you need, Katie?  A neon sign reminding you to examine all future items that resemble trash before throwing away perfectly good fruit bread?)

After working through my internal confusion above…

Katie: Well, it is wrapped up in tinfoil.  And it’s at the top of the bin.

Ross: NICE!  Good call. (Proceeds to pull out the ball of tinfoil to find and eat! his beloved banana bread)

Beckie:  Why are you two talking about tinfoil?

(Oh, did I forget to mention I happened to be Skyping with my sister while this little scenario went down?  You betcha.  She had a front row seat for this action.)

Katie: Oh nothing, Ross is just eating bread out of the trash.

Beckie: Wow, you guys.  I mean, if you need some money for food…

Being away for girls weekend was fantastic.  But coming home to this?

The best.

(While I don’t blame you for thinking it’s pretty disgusting that Ross went trash-hunting for his tinfoiled banana bread, fair is fair:  It was my idea in the first place.  Made for each other, no?)

Image from Earth911.com

5 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not

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