Freudian Slip

We had dinner Wednesday night at one of our favorite cozy spots, Birchwood Cafe.  We were invited out by one of our very favorite couples who are the proud parents of one of our very favorite babies.  (Yeah, that’s a lot of “favorites” but they’re all true.  And if I’m being honest, I’m just a little too lazy right now to crack out my Thesaurus.)

Ross and I arrived first and decided we’d win some friend points by finding a table and grabbing a high-chair in preparation for couple + baby.  When a waitress arrived and asked if she could “get that high-chair out of our way” Ross replied,

“Oh no thanks, we’ve got a baby on the way.”

Thankfully the waitress didn’t spend too much time blatantly staring at my stomach.

“Err, we’re waiting for some friends.”

Although it would have been much more fun to say something more like, “Oh no, you can leave it.  We’ve got a baby on the way so we’re just, you know – practicing.  Thought we’d really get a feel for what it’ll be like to have an extra seat next to us in nine months.  Doesn’t everybody do that?”

Not too long after, the real baby on the way came and filled the seat.

And for the record, she and Ross flirted the entire time.

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5 thoughts on “Freudian Slip

  1. oh man – eric and I are miles away from inviting children into our lives (to live with us, and eat our food, and all those wonderful things children do :-) ) but I absolutely melt when I see him with a baby…

    • I’ll admit it, I do know what you mean :-) We’re fortunate enough to see this this little girl (and her fantastic parents) at least once or twice a month. And she is soooo in love with Ross! Just nice to know our (future!) children will be in capable male hands, no?

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