Making Up for Monday

Ross works with a woman whose husband is an incredible baker.  Each Monday she brings in a new batch of his unique and delicious cupcake concoctions.

Several Mondays ago there were extras, so Ross brought one home for me.  This, of course, established a cupcake precedent.  Now that I know he gets a ridiculouslyamazing cupcake on his desk each Monday, I (naturally) ask what the flavor of the week is.  He (naturally) feels guilty for keeping said yummy cupcake all to himself, and saves that little sucker for the two of us to share after work.

Today’s flavor:

brownie + chocolate chip cookie on top + sea salt creme frosting

Happy wife, happy life.

6 thoughts on “Making Up for Monday

  1. I hope you realize how lucky you are. I don’t know if I would be able to stop myself from eating a cupcake that good and I KNOW Laura wouldn’t be able to.

  2. okay, storytime. one time eric stopped at Cupcake on his way home from something…and bought two mini cupcakes for each of us…

    and then I got home…and he was like…”honey! I got you something today”! and then he looked all ashamed…”but I ate it”.. He’d eaten all the cupcakes!

    eric: it’s the thought that counts?
    me: NOT with cupcakes, dearest!

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