You’re Not Leaving the House Like That

There are many reasons Ross and I aren’t yet ready to raise a child.  But even more than some of our fallback responses, the idea of being responsible for a teen, tween or any variation thereof is somewhat terrifying.  Not because I know of any particularly difficult examples, but because of things like this:

To quote the girlfriend I was out shopping with when our eyes were so viciously assaulted:

“When I have a teenage girl I’d really prefer her not to wear denim underwear in public.”


(Poor photo quality is due to my camera phone and the fact that my hands were shaking uncontrollably at the sight of these “shorts”)

One thought on “You’re Not Leaving the House Like That

  1. i can just hear my dad’s voice in my head looking at that picture, “is that a belt?”

    (to clarify…this would be when I was shopping with my father–RevD is kind of hip–and we’d make fun of the tweeny-bop trends…yeah, I’m *that* girl)

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