The Really Big Thing

I struggled with this one, you guys.  I really did.  Because in the span of eleven days, our lives have completely changed.  And what am I supposed to do?  Just blurt it out?  Go for it right away in just one sentence?  Something like, “We’re having a baby!“?

Well number one: Where’s the exciting-suspenseful-buildup in that?

And number two: We’re not having a baby.

(Fess up. Who thought there was a baby on the way?)

I decided that the best way to tell you is the same way I told my parents.  Who are in Australia.  With my sister.  And got a sizable amount of this news via email.

Do you know what time it is there right now?  Well I didn’t when I had news to share.  But Google did!

And can you blame me for telling them the news via email?  I mean, come on, is 3:36am really an appropriate time to tell your parents you just bought your first house?

Well.  So much for the whole “not blurting it out” thing.

Yes!  We bought a house.  We saw it, visited it, found out practically everybody else in the entire world wanted it too, put an offer on it, and the next day…we got it.

And today, it’s all officially official.  The ink has dried.  And now we have less than two months to figure out how we’re going to get all of our belongings packed and down the terrifying stairs up to our condo.

And since I already blurted it out, I won’t bore you with all of the email-to-my-family details.  But I will say that one of them ended word-for-word, exactly like this:



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