A Peek Into the Future

My best friend from college sent me a video today with a note: “someday you’ll have a little troublemaker just like this… :)”

And oh my good God is she right.

This friend of mine knows me.  Really knows me.  We are kindred spirits who were randomly and magically matched as roommates our freshman year at Luther College.  From the moment we both burst into tears when our parents left us on move-in day (nerds), we knew our lifelong friendship had begun.  Several conversations in the dark on our dorm room lofts later (Pssst! Are you awake? I am now. I can’t sleep. Let’s go make Easy Mac.) we were the kind of friends that if seen alone, were always asked if the other one was OK.

We lived together for the next three years.  And if it wasn’t for that pesky husband of mine or her crazy idea to move to Missouri for grad school, we’d probably still be sharing a living space and trying to convince the other to share a pint of Cherry Garcia.

So yes. OK. The video.  It’s ten minutes long but oh sweet Lord is it worth it.  This little child is 100 percent, no doubt about it, e-x-a-c-t-l-y what Ross and I are in for when we have children.  And it is 100%, no doubt about it, going to be c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y because of me.

When you see the way she attacks the chocolate chips and mouths off to the camera man…you’ll understand.

So!  Who can we count on to babysit?

3 thoughts on “A Peek Into the Future

  1. “let’s get serious” the only thing that’s not an accurate predictor of your future is “who’s (going to) clean this place?” … “Mommy will clean it.” FALSE! ;-) i love chocolate!!! CHOCOLATE!!!

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