Home Decorating for Dummies

It hasn’t even been a week since we signed up for our first mortgage and I’m already all,  Paint Colors! Furniture! and Omigod are you seeing this pillow? I will not move into the house without it. Do you think I’m joking?


Ross is doing his best to keep it together.


So I thought, why not throw in a few cheeky decor photos to lighten the mood?  It’s just a house, people.  Let’s stay calm.

These door decals from Style Your Door should do the trick.  The decals stick to your door to create the illusion of something else behind it.


Sure we have an escalator up to our bedroom.   Why?  …Don’t you?


Oh that?  Yeah, the old owners put it in and we decided to just leave it.  We figure it will come in handy one day when we need to put our unruly future children in “time out”.


Just 25 cents for a gumball as big as your face.



We are so well-read.


See?  Decorating is easyYou can buy your own favorite door decals here…no, really.


Decal images from Style-Your-Door.com

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