Safety First


Today is Earth Day.

Ross is “celebrating” by “skipping work” (“Skipping” of course, meaning giving appropriate notice and receiving advanced, documented approval for utilizing earned PTO because we all know how much you love to live on the edge, dear) and heading to Target Field for the Twins game. Oh, and the Earth Day thing?  He is taking mass-transit.

I, on the other hand, will be celebrating Earth Day with not one, but two drills to prepare for one of the most terrifying things that can happen our beloved Earth: tornadoes.

Not only will my office be conducting an “Emergency Preparedness Evacuation Drill”, but the entire state of Minnesota will be participating in the annual, “Tornado Drill Day“.  According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “It’ll sound like tornadoes are bearing down across Minnesota Thursday — twice in most parts of the state — but it’s only a test.” 

Well thank God.

Because, really, what says “Let’s celebrate and protect our planet!” better than visions of flying bicycles and houses dancing in my head?

Time to grab a hardcover textbook and head to the hallway, kids.  Happy Earth Day!  Tornado season is a’comin’!


Photos found here, here and here

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