Professional Help

About nine months ago we moved into our (current) condo.

About nine months ago I swore I’d never. ever. move again.

Also at that time, I swore that if I ever had to break my word and actually move, we’d be hiring professional movers.

Clearly that whole never. ever. moving thing hasn’t worked out. (Not that I’m complaining about our fantastic new house!)  But no way. no how. are we doing it without some professional help.

Because, dear God…


The above photos are from the fateful day my most prized piece of furniture was delivered to our home–The same fateful day we were charged extra for “difficult delivery” and oh-so-narrowly escaped having to send the couch back because we couldn’t fit it up those stairs, through the hallway and into our door.  The scene was, to say the least, dramatic.  So dramatic, in fact, that I eventually just couldn’t watch.

I finally uncovered my eyes to see that the delivery men had earned their “difficult delivery” money and the couch found a home in our living room.

And although we have some delightful friends who have so graciously offered to help us move (thank you!), so help me GOD, no one but a paid professional is getting their hands on the most expensive piece of furniture we own. 

We appreciate the offers, friends, we really do.  But I just can’t risk my couch, my sanity, and of course, our friendships on a pro-bono moving job.  I promise you that by kindly declining your offer, we are doing you a giant favor.

Because let’s face it.  If anything happened to that couch…err…our friends, who would come over for a barbeque at our new place? 

Nobody likes a lonely patio.

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