Do You Want Fruit With That?

My little sister has explained to us that with the recent purchase of our first house, we are destined to become “Old and Boring”.  To which I replied, “You’ll take that back if you ever want the option of staying with us rent free.”


Ross and I are pretty determined to never become officially “Old and Boring”.  And if my gene pool has anything to say about it, there wont be any problems (see Conversations with Mom / Conversations with Dad).

But guess what, you guys?  Not only did I buy a cantaloupe on Sunday and perfectly time when to cut it up (because hell if its going to waste when we go out-of-town this weekend), but this morning before Ross left for work, some involuntary force came over me and I said:

Honey!  Did you pack yourself some cantaloupe for lunch today?  Or at least eat some for breakfast?  Did you?  You have to eat some of that cantaloupe today!

And all of the sudden all I could hear were the voices of my mother and father:  Have you had any fruit today? You have to eat some fruit!  Get some cantaloupe on that plate.  Keeps you regular!  …And don’t even get me started on my Dad’s “3-carrot rule”.

So ok, what were we talking about here…the point? Yes! The point:

Am I old?     No.

Am I boring?    Have you seen my latest t-shirt purchase?  I’m wild, people, wild.

But dammit, if my sister ever comes to stay with us, she is eating some fruit with her meal.

TAKE THAT, college kid!

Photo from The Infomercantile

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