Six Months Ago…

…It went a little somethin’ like this:


Oh yes, I’m quite aware that six months isn’t an “official” wedding anniversary.  (Just you wait for year one!  According to tradition, we’re getting paper! ) But it’s hard to believe it’s already been six months long since our wedding day.  And it’s even harder to believe that within that time, we made our first big life decision together.

Happy kindof-Anniversary, husband! 

All images by Matt Blum Photography

3 thoughts on “Six Months Ago…

  1. Hey, hey, I made the blog (albeit in a picture and not mentioned as one of the cool/hip/trendy people you know. It’s okay, it only makes me work harder at being cool).

    Don’t knock the paper anniversary. If it was up to me, EVERY anniversary would be paper. Think about it: books, posters, art work, baseball tickets, comic books, uh, more books, and, uh…comic books.

    Anywho, happy six month anniversary. You’re both great.

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