I Can *Du* This…I think.

This morning I’m running/biking/doing? a duathlon with my good friend, (and fellow blogger) Kate.

Last year, Kate peer-pressured convinced me to sign up for a triathlon.  And when all was said and done, I’m really glad she did.  It was the first time I’d ever really pushed myself physically. (See proof that I actually did it here.)  And for a few hard-earned months, I was in the best shape of my life.  Key word being, was, of course.

Because of that unfortunate key word above, I needed something to give me a swift kick in the oversized butt.  And when you’ve signed up for a race that has terms like “transition area” and “electrolyte replacement station” in the description, you get that special Say What?! feeling that kinda forces you to get your act together.  Because, so help me GOD, I’m not coming in last.

Until yesterday, I had a fair amount of confidence that I wouldn’t win the last place trophy.  But when I picked up my race packet and discovered that only 100 other crazies were signed up for the race, that whole, Say What?! feeling crept right back up again.

I called Ross on my way out of the store to warn him that his wife could very well be the final person to cross the finish line.

Will you claim me at the finish line if I come in last?

You’re not going to come in last.

Dude, there are only 100 people doing this tomorrow.

Oh. {…} Well then. If you come in last, I’ll buy you breakfast.

…but you won’t come in last.

Here’s hoping Ross doesn’t have to buy me breakfast.

The above photos were snapped on my Blackberry while browsing the merch at the store where I picked up my packet.  One More Mile makes these amazing tshirts that so perfectly sum up how I feel about today.  You can check out their full line here.  Some of my favorites not pictured above:
I’m only doing this so I can post a picture on Facebook
Race day strategy: start off slow then back off
Running won’t kill you. You’ll pass out first

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