Staying in the Know

At 24 years, 8 months and 13 days of age, I officially feel old.  I know I spent an entire post a few weeks ago talking about just how determined Ross and I are to not become “Old and Boring”, but this is different.  This is that, I’m finally old enough to have no freaking clue what “kids” are into these days, kind of old. 

I didn’t think I was that out of touch until I read an Ad Age article on the newest “kid craze,” SillyBandz.  (See what they did there?  See how they took the word, “Bands”, replaced the S with a Z and made it a sensation?  Bravo.  It’s just like those Bratz dolls or Webkinz things.  It seems that kidz really go for these produtz with wordz that end in Z.  Perhaps we should consider doing that with vegetables.  It’s brussel sproutz for dinner, tonight!)

So SillyBandz are apparently a pretty big deal.  These silicon bands come in different shapes and colors and kiddos wear them in multiples on their wrists and arms.  And I’m sure they trade them, much like we did with the equally genius crazes of our time such as Pogs and Pokemon.  It’s actually quite possible I still have my Pog case full of colorful cardboard discs, and of course, a slammer.

Kids wear these things like sleeves–and there is a photos page on the SillyBandz website to prove it.  What’s that you say?  Fun for all ages?  Even babies have jumped on the bandwagon! (hey-o).  

I can only imagine these bands are pretty much elementary school currency.  Can’t you see it in the lunch room?  Hey!  Hey you!  I gave you my last pudding pack last week. You owe me a unicorn SillyBand.  Better pay up kid ‘cuz I know which bus you ride.

I may not be hip to what’s cool with kids these days, but for now I’m OK with that.  I talked to my mom about these silly SillyBandz and told her how happy I was that I didn’t have to spend my money on this kind of thing.  She laughed and emphasized that my day will come…muahaha.

And I said, You know what?  Come to think of it, I’m not going to spend my money on it (and you can bet “practical is fun” Ross won’t either).  They can do their chores and buy their own damn SillyBandz. 

Chores = $$ = SillyBandz.

Let’s be real.  How else is the garbage going to get taken out?


(Image from Mommy Message)




2 thoughts on “Staying in the Know

  1. Soo many of my students have of them. I didn’t realize until a week or so after I first saw them at school that they were bracelets. They had them sitting all over their desks. I constantly have to tell them to put them away. I don’t get it…they are not that cool. Glad you won’t buy this type of thing for your future children :-)

  2. SAME! My first grade girls are OBSESSED with these things.

    the bracelets… drive. me. crazy.

    Same as Rachel, i’m constantly telling them to put them on their wrist, or put them in their bag.

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