Sounds Delicious

Last week, in an effort to combat the miserable weather we were facing, Ross and I decided to dive into a few bowls of Eddington’s soup.

One of my sampler selections was Split Pea soup – which I have loved since childhood.  I can understand why some people think that’s weird.  To be fair, it’s basically a bowl of green mush.  But on a cold and rainy day (or any day, really) I find it to be quite delicious.  My fondness for Split Pea soup might also have something to do with the response rhyme my dad never failed to bring up whenever his squirmy daughters sat down for a green mush meal:

What’d you have for breakfast?

Pea green soup!

What’d you have for lunch?

Pea green soup!

What’d you have for dinner?

Pea green soup!

What’d you do in bed?


My sister and I answered each question with gusto and squeeeealed with delight when we were fully authorized to shout  about PEEING at the dinner table.  Bathroom humor!  At dinner!  What fun!

The first time I told that one to Ross he laughed (although not nearly as hard as my sister and I do did, but whatever) and proceeded to tell me about the PEE humor in his family.  Apparently whenever it was little round green vegetable time at his house, Ross’ dad would drop one off the table and say:

Oops!  I pea-ed on the floor.

Can you imagine the kind of pea-flying chaos that ensued after that one?  Two little boys, people.  BOYS.

Anyway, just a little peek into our past and the kind of childhood tales that totally mean we were Made For Each Other.  Because nothing says cosmic connection like pee jokes!

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