Chocolate-Chip Would be Wonderful, Thanks!

We’ve (finally) started packing.  We’re doing this whole,  picking things up, putting them into boxes and taping those suckers up thing – rather than the sitting on couches, staring at things and staring at each other method we’ve been perfecting up until this point.

All this putting our lives into boxes has had me thinking we should probably let our family and friends know where those boxes are going.  …which has me thinking we’ll probably send out some kind of moving announcement.  You know, in the mail.  In actual envelopes with actual stamps carried by an actual mailman (or woman, as the case may be). 

People like getting mail, right?  It’s nice to open your mailbox and see something other than your cable bill (thieves!) or another offer from MasterCard (Honey!  Are you seeing this?? We’re pre-approved!).  Getting a personal piece of correspondence just feels good.  The kind of good that makes you want to do things like bake cookies.  And if we don’t send out adorable little cards with our new address on them, how will you know where to bring those delicious cookies?

And with that in mind, I’m thinking the moving announcements above may not be the surest route to cookie-ville.

The search continues…

Upfront Moving Announcements” from GOATcards

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