Making Move-In Memories

And here it is!  Proof that we’re still alive!  The move hasn’t killed us!  (Yet!) 

So many stories to tell you, you guys.  Ohhh, so many stories.  There have been melt downs.  There have been jumping pics.  There have been garden massacres and and paint color revelations. 

But first things first.  Let’s talk about the important stuff.  Lets talk about food. 

Immediately upon closing on our house, our refrigerator broke.  There are worse things, I know.  I know because we’ve heard the stories.  In fact, nearly every homeowner we’ve mentioned this little “inconvenience” to has told us their Oh! That’s nothing! tale of move-in woe: My water heater burst open and flooded the basement. My dryer burst in to flames and the fire department came. A tornado hit our house. 

Alright, fine. Natural disaster? Cows and bicycles and wicked witches flying to the air? We can’t beat that. 

Nonetheless, moving in without a method of keeping food cold was an issue.  We contemplated having someone repair it, talked about buying a new one, and at one point there may have been a suggestion for a 100% room temperature diet.  But here’s the deal, you guys.  I may not need things like milk or eggs or meat products. But hell if I’m drinking my new house champagne any way but chilled.  Lukewarm bubbles are nasty

So with our priorities clearly defined we knew we needed to either get our current fridge fixed or kick the old hag to the curb and bring in a younger, sexier, fully functioning model. 

It wasn’t long before we decided that we hated the current fridge – functional or not.  It was old and much too big for our kitchen.  And rather than spending God knows how much money fixing something we didn’t like, we chose to put our cash into a new appliance that should, in theory, last us longer anyway. 

So guess what?  These two twenty-four-year-olds are getting a new refrigerator installed on Thursday!  Hot Damn! 

But that’s not the point of this story.  The point of this story is to show you guys what we’ve been using in the meantime.  Because apparently, one cannot survive on red wine and macaroni and cheese alone – or so Ross says. 

Let me introduce you to my brother-in-law’s 1.8 cubic feet mini-fridge where we’re currently storing the essentials: 


And the best part?  The best part isn’t that it keeps my Jello pudding packs cold… 


…or the fact that we inexplicably chose to store a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke in this little guy. 

No, the best part is that lest we forget what it was like to sleep in the same room as your refrigerator–a refrigerator filled with crappy beer, sugary mixers and just enough Gatorade to get you to your 8am class after doing things you shouldn’t have done last night–this refrigerator comes complete with a University-issued “How to Save a Life” magnet. 


Because nothing says, adults! homeowners! sober neighbors! like a tutorial on the signs of alcohol poisoning.


2 thoughts on “Making Move-In Memories

  1. Cheese and diet coke…what more could you possibly need or want?

    Oh, and half my roof blew off before I had even moved one single thing into the house.

    My insurance agent laughed at me.

    That was pretty awesome. :)

  2. What an awesome time for you guys! I love that your house already looks like it’s been lived in and loved by you guys for ages — it’s beautiful (from what I’ve seen so far)! I can’t wait to see more pictures, and I LOVE the Lowe’s commercial — here’s to home ownership, the American Dream: More work than you could have imagined and 30 years of debt … Congratulations! ; )

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