When I speak to my husband (or previously yelled down at him from floor three to floor one of our old condo) I almost always call him by our last name.

There are no negative connotations. Its not a middle-naming kind of thing (You know what I’m talking about – KATHERINE JEAN, get DOWN HERE!).    It’s just one of those things that kind of…stuck.

When we first met, his friends all referred to him as either Gene or Stedman! (Yes, exclamation point included. Stedman! is always, always exclaimed.  If you’re not using the exclamation point, you’re not doing it right).  Anyway, at the time, I was so not cool enough to be in on story/inside joke thing that they had going on with Gene, so I just went with Stedman!.  (And of course, if you know me but at all, you’ll understand why calling my significant other Stedman! was of particular interest to me.)

Often when I call him Stedman! in front of our friends, I get laughs or questions.  For some silly reason some people think its weird that I call my husband by his last name.  So one night I decided to check in with Stedman himself to get his two cents…

Katie: Do you think its weird that I call you Stedman! ?

Ross:  No, not particularly.  I think pretty much everything you do is all on one level playing field of…

Katie: …crazy?

If you could have seen his face, it was pretty clear he knew he was lucky I said it first.

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