Back Away from the Paint Brush…

Yesterday, one of my friends sent me this:

…at which I of course laughed out loud and immediately planned to post here for the world to laugh along with me.  I look at this thing and I’m all, that’s right you don’t know what you’re doing.  Have you seen the NICKELODEON SLIME GREEN on your roller brush home slice?  Please, tell me more about where you’re going to paint that color.  Because really, I’d like to know which room to avoid in your house.  Seizures are not a joke.

And until my sister arrived home, this blog post would have stopped there.  But the stars aligned for you my friends. Because within the first hour of her arrival Beckie started telling me about this “hilarious commercial that you are going to love.”  And love it I did…

All I can picture at this point is her parents on the other end of the phone saying:

I told you that green would make you cry.

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