Oldies but Goodies

I was going through some strips from the photo booth at our wedding and came across these shots of my grandparents:


This set of photos is my absolute favorite ever taken of them – it describes them completely.  I hope Ross and I end up in a photo booth when we’re in our eighties.  And I hope our shots are as adorable as Anne and Bud’s.


Freedom to Choose

While painting our soon-to-be office…

Ross:   I’m pretty sure this room used to be pink.  Must have been a nursery or something.

Katie:  Yep, that’s what some people do when they’re having a girl.  And who knows, maybe I’ll become “some people” and want to do that when we have a girl some day.  And if I’m pregnant, I’ll be hormonal.  And if I’m hormonal, you’ll likely have no choice on the paint color.

Ross: Oh. I always have a choice.  It just depends on whether or not I want to face your wrath.

We’ll Always Think of you Fondly…


We’re finally fully moved out of the condo. 

Oh!  Were you under the impression we had finished moving on moving day?  Oh no, no.  We weren’t exactly what you’d call “fully packed” when the movers arrived and therefore spent the last three weeks slowly and painfully moving the stragglers over to our new house. 

But now its time to turn in our keys.

And although I won’t miss those damn stairs or the fact that we shared a bathroom wall with our neighbors (yes, everything you’re imagining is true), I’ll still remember it as the place we had our first Christmas, the place we battled our first live-in rodent and the place where Ross got ready for our wedding.

The last item we moved out of the condo was my wedding dress, so photographing it in the now empty space seemed appropriate.  I really love this snapshot as a reminder of our first little home…

…that, and a photo for Ross of our fully vacuumed carpet, finally free of my hair.

Facebook, The Marriage Counselor

Have you ever noticed the “Keep In Touch” box that pops up on the right sidebar of the Facebook home page?  That suggestive section will catch my eye once in a while, fulfilling the exact purpose for which it is intended – I simply haven’t contacted the person in that box in quite some time.

There are any number of reasons for why we’ve been incommunicado for the last little while, but it usually boils down to the following options:

1. Friend of a friend of a friend…whom I’ve only met once…and most likely “friended” at 2am after one too many cocktails.

2. Someone I added back in college when rackin’ up your friend count was such a big deal.

3. Someone I’m only friends with to keep tabs on (don’t lie, you’ve got a few of those too).

4.   …Who?

But this was a first.  Look who recently popped up in my “Keep In Touch” box!

 And so at Facebook’s suggestion, I reached out to my long lost husband…


…ball’s in his court now!

Weekend Scenes

Just thought I’d follow up on The Most Wonderful Time of the Year with a few photos of the wonderfulness…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, the family kazoo band made its yearly appearance (despite the parade occurring on the 5th of July this year – don’t get me started…).  The show not only went on–it had a major upgrade with the introduction of a “Grand Old Flag” / “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” mash-up. 

I really wish I had video.  You probably have to see that one to believe it.

Pimp My Brows

Several years ago I had a traumatic run-in with a salon, some wax and those pesky stray hairs north of my eyeballs.  Long story short, I left with only one shaped brow and considerably less skin.

Needless to say, my motivation to return to (any) salon for a socially acceptable level of eyebrow maintenance (via hot lava wax and rippin’ strips) was quite low.

But last week I gave myself good a look in the mirror and said, Listen here, Bert, this can’t go on.

So on a pretty high recommendation I took my pet caterpillars over to see Christina at blink salon.  And rather than putting myself through the skin-tearing torture that still haunts my dreams, I booked an appointment for eyebrow threading.

…Say what?

If you can believe it, Christina used one tiny piece of thread (and some pretty fancy hand/wrist action) to clean up my brows in about five minutes.

And it just so happens that noted Twin Cities beauty blogger, Elizabeth Dehn, was at the salon at the same time for the same treatment!  As a demonstration for her blog and, let’s face it, proof that I actually got this done, “BeautyBets” herself video taped my appointment.

Stop on over to Elizabeth’s blog to see the fast-paced threadin’ action for yourself:


Oh, and if you’re wondering if Elizabeth is really this adorable in person, the answer is no – she’s even cuter.  She’s one of those people who makes you feel like you have known her for years–even if your only experience with her has been lying belly-up in a salon chair. 

I appreciate her taking it easy on the zoom button during our video session.  Here’s hoping the poor thing didn’t have to see my nose hairs…

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I’m not sure there is any way to sufficiently explain how much I love the 4th of July. 

I suppose I could go on about how the 20+ members of my paternal extended family gathers every single year, without fail, at my grandparents home on Clear Lake for a celebration to beat all celebrations. 

I could show you photos of our annual sparklers dance-off to the tune of Moxy Fruvus’ “King of Spain”

I could explain to you that I’m not even quite sure what my hometown does for the holiday because I’ve never been there for it.  For all I know Oprah herself might make a yearly appearance in good old Urbandale for 4th of July festivities. 

And if she does?  Guess what, Oprah, you’re showin’ up to the wrong. party.  Because nobody does 4th of July like my family does 4th of July.

The proof is in the PAPER:

That’s right, you guys. My family’s 4th of July claim-to-fame in the delightful town of Clear Lake, IA is the founding of our family kazoo band.  We hold flags, we wear patriotic headgear and of course, play kazoos to the tune of many of your most beloved holiday favorites.  And we’ve done it for the past twelve years.  But you haven’t heard the most ridiculous best part yet. 

The best part of this annual display of patriotism?  We’re not even in the parade.  Ohhh that’s right. You betcha.  We arrive on Main Ave just in time to fill the empty street lined with thousands of people (Thousands? I’m honestly not sure about that statistic. But let me tell you, when you’re kazooing Yankee Doodle Dandy to a captive audience, those eyeballs staring at you start to multiply quickly.) and march up and down the concrete to the delight of our sixteen many fans.

But honestly?  We’ve learned that for some reason the citizens (and tourists) of Clear Lake, IA have found a special place in their hearts for “that crazy kazoo family”.  In fact, one year when we didn’t have our act together and failed to perform, a local woman wrote into the paper concerned over what had happened to the family band.

Last year my uncle pulled together an album to showcase our kazoo band history – and it sure is a doozie.  So I hijacked his photos and tossed them into a slideshow for your patriotic enjoyment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Yes, Ross was forced to join the band.

2. No, I didn’t warn him before I brought him to Clear Lake for the first time, shoved a kazoo in his mouth and said, GOOD LUCK OUT THERE!

3. Yes, he’ll tell you it’s embarrassing.

4. Yes, he’s lying. 

Because its awesome.