Pimp My Brows

Several years ago I had a traumatic run-in with a salon, some wax and those pesky stray hairs north of my eyeballs.  Long story short, I left with only one shaped brow and considerably less skin.

Needless to say, my motivation to return to (any) salon for a socially acceptable level of eyebrow maintenance (via hot lava wax and rippin’ strips) was quite low.

But last week I gave myself good a look in the mirror and said, Listen here, Bert, this can’t go on.

So on a pretty high recommendation I took my pet caterpillars over to see Christina at blink salon.  And rather than putting myself through the skin-tearing torture that still haunts my dreams, I booked an appointment for eyebrow threading.

…Say what?

If you can believe it, Christina used one tiny piece of thread (and some pretty fancy hand/wrist action) to clean up my brows in about five minutes.

And it just so happens that noted Twin Cities beauty blogger, Elizabeth Dehn, was at the salon at the same time for the same treatment!  As a demonstration for her blog and, let’s face it, proof that I actually got this done, “BeautyBets” herself video taped my appointment.

Stop on over to Elizabeth’s blog to see the fast-paced threadin’ action for yourself:


Oh, and if you’re wondering if Elizabeth is really this adorable in person, the answer is no – she’s even cuter.  She’s one of those people who makes you feel like you have known her for years–even if your only experience with her has been lying belly-up in a salon chair. 

I appreciate her taking it easy on the zoom button during our video session.  Here’s hoping the poor thing didn’t have to see my nose hairs…

3 thoughts on “Pimp My Brows

  1. I’ve been getting mine threaded for a few years now in a little shop run by a bunch of Albanian women. The place is in a not so great part of town, but they only charge $5 and they work magic.

  2. Not a nose hair in sight! You are such a sport, Katie! And WAY too kind. Thanks for the love!

    @Laura – I need you to fess up about the name of this $5 threader. Maybe Katie, the video cam and I will high-tail it over there next month . . .

    • @Beauty Bets – I would fess up, but she’s in the chicago suburbs, so it would be quite the haul for a $5 threading.

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