Facebook, The Marriage Counselor

Have you ever noticed the “Keep In Touch” box that pops up on the right sidebar of the Facebook home page?  That suggestive section will catch my eye once in a while, fulfilling the exact purpose for which it is intended – I simply haven’t contacted the person in that box in quite some time.

There are any number of reasons for why we’ve been incommunicado for the last little while, but it usually boils down to the following options:

1. Friend of a friend of a friend…whom I’ve only met once…and most likely “friended” at 2am after one too many cocktails.

2. Someone I added back in college when rackin’ up your friend count was such a big deal.

3. Someone I’m only friends with to keep tabs on (don’t lie, you’ve got a few of those too).

4.   …Who?

But this was a first.  Look who recently popped up in my “Keep In Touch” box!

 And so at Facebook’s suggestion, I reached out to my long lost husband…


…ball’s in his court now!

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