We’ll Always Think of you Fondly…


We’re finally fully moved out of the condo. 

Oh!  Were you under the impression we had finished moving on moving day?  Oh no, no.  We weren’t exactly what you’d call “fully packed” when the movers arrived and therefore spent the last three weeks slowly and painfully moving the stragglers over to our new house. 

But now its time to turn in our keys.

And although I won’t miss those damn stairs or the fact that we shared a bathroom wall with our neighbors (yes, everything you’re imagining is true), I’ll still remember it as the place we had our first Christmas, the place we battled our first live-in rodent and the place where Ross got ready for our wedding.

The last item we moved out of the condo was my wedding dress, so photographing it in the now empty space seemed appropriate.  I really love this snapshot as a reminder of our first little home…

…that, and a photo for Ross of our fully vacuumed carpet, finally free of my hair.

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