All This and More…

Set your Tivos, kids!  Fall Premiere Season is just around the corner.  And in case you didn’t notice, Husband Wife and Modern Life has taken a bit of a late summer break.  What?  You didn’t realize we live our lives by television seasons?  Aren’t you silly.

I thought I’d give you a few stills from our upcoming episodes to get you pumped up for the season premiere:

Box spring Battles! Shag carpet under more carpet! 

Hyper-active squirrels!  Car/Garage Collisions!  


All this and more…


I’d love to take credit for the image of SuperSquirrel up there, but Google Images warned me that “some images may be subject to copyright”.  And as you can see by my lovely collage above, I don’t have time for lawsuits…over squirrels.  So long story short, you can find SuperSquirrel’s origin here.

3 thoughts on “All This and More…

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  2. Your boxspring situation looks remarkably similar and equally frustrating to our recent boxspring episode! Very unfortunate, but I look forward to reading a post about it!

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