Pickin’ Up the Pace

I used to think that life would slow down once I graduated from college.  Older and wiser adults may [insert condescending laughter here]. Time seemed to fly so quickly back then that I couldn’t fathom an increase in speed.  Seriously, you guys, my stomach was so full of beer and Easy Mac back then I’m pretty sure moving faster would have made me vomit.

Graduation came around and I just knew that once I started my job, Father Time would be putzing around on his Rascal.

And then after I started my job, I got engaged.  Yes, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes serendipitous home ownership and now I’m pretty tempted to throw out the calendar all together because what has it done for me lately?

Now here we are at the beginning of fall and Ross and I have found ourselves booked through Thanksgiving.

Knowing how busy we’ll be in the next few months we had planned one weekend of rest to kick it all off.  And that weekend is this weekend.  And up until about Monday we were all, This weekend we are doing nothing…NOTHING!

And by about noon on Thursday we were all, Just kidding!

All of the sudden we have plenty on our plates for next couple of days (all of which we’re happy to have found!) despite our pledge to keep our schedules clear.

One of the things I’m most excited about doing this weekend is cheering on a few friends who are running the Twin Cities Medtronic Marathon.  I’ve never actually seen a marathon before but someecards seems to indicate it goes something like this.

Ross and I are pretty great at yelling at for people as they run by.  Last year my uncle and cousin ran the 10k race and…have you met my family?

Punch balloons are a specialty of mine.

There’s almost nothing I love more than making a loud and colorful scene in public!

And there’s nothing Ross loves less than standing next to me while I do it.

Good luck this weekend, runners!  We’ll see you near mile 24!

But let’s be honest, you’ll probably see us first.


2 thoughts on “Pickin’ Up the Pace

  1. Just saw that someecards card for the first time … just one more reason I’m takin’ ‘er easy on the course Sunday! Hope to see you guys out there!

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