50-Yard Lines and Free Candy

Last weekend Ross and I had the opportunity to watch the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers play at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.  We were excited to see the stadium for the first time (it just opened last fall) and we lucked out with awesome seats on the 50-yard line.

Last weekend happened to be Homecoming so along with the elevated excitement the stadium was teeming with adorable senior alumni, including this snazzy dude who we’re pretty sure used to play for the team.

Ross almost died of embarrasment when he noticed me sneaking that shot.

It was cute to see so many of these old folks out to support their alma mater, but I can’t tell you how many times I nearly lurched into the aisle convinced that one of them was going to fall down the stairs while trying to balance their decaf and cracker jacks.

And speaking of food, we ate lots of it.  The worst of which, unfortunately, were the cheese curds and fries we bee-lined for immediately upon arrival.  Just look at me smiling with naïveté.  I was just giddy over the chance to eat fried food before noon.

Truth be told, they tasted like they were yesterday’s leftovers. Not to worry. We covered up the taste with mini dounuts.

So the food situation wasn’t a total loss in the end.  And while I was headed up the aisle one of those adorable alumni seniors gave me a huge grin and shoved a Werthers candy in my face.

Ross: What the…?

Me: I don’t know, he just handed it to me.  At least it’s gold!  Where’s your team spirit, Stedman?

Ross: Weird, don’t eat that.

While I was digging through my purse yesterday I found it. 

And ate it.

Still alive, honey!


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