This Time Last Year…

Lately I’ve become a bit nostalgic for October 2009. 

Last year Ross and I planned a little get away to Duluth, MN to celebrate our third dating anniversary and to capture the last bit of time we had to ourselves before the “one month ’till the wedding” madness really took over.

It was the first time we had ever taken a trip together and we had a fantastic time visiting museums, exploring our hotel and soaking up the fall scenery.

(click photo to enlarge)

A lot of fantastic things have happened in the past year including, of course, our wedding.  But does anyone else out there miss the anticipation?  Any wedding planning woes aside, I look back on the last month before our wedding with such fondness.  We were exhausted and nervous and excited all at the same time, and I think I miss it a little bit.

But what we missed out on last year, we get to take advantage of this year!  Our Duluth trip was the same weekend as Luther College Homecoming ’09, so we didn’t make our annual trip to our alma mater.  But this year, us married folk (along with several alumni buddies) are headed south for a magical weekend in Decorah, IA, or as we fondly call it, Pretendland. <3

Oh! And since the forecast for October 9 in Decorah is a balmy eighty-six degrees, I’m filing tubing down the Upper Iowa river under: “not completely off the table”.

See you on Sunday!

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