Yesterday was our office’s annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest.  Competition is fiercer every year and the longer I participate the more I’ve come to learn that the competition isn’t so much about carving as it is about getting creative with props.  If you’re just showing up with a few dinky carving knives and “neat idea”, you may as well not show up at all.

My team didn’t win this year.  The winners turned their pumpkin into a Chilean miner rescue scene complete with escape capsule and segregated wife/mistress holding pens – how am I supposed to compete with an international miracle?  

And I know what you really want to see is how exactly the winners made their pumpkin into a mine but if you saw theirs you’d be all, AWESOME! and then when you saw ours you’d be all, Awww, A for effort!

So our pumpkin wasn’t miraculous but I really did like it – so much so that I brought it home to live at our house:

See?  Now you’re all, What up, Martha Stewart?  Who needs miners when you’ve got flying plastic bats!

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