Honey, have you seen my keys?

This past summer I caught a clever little DIY project on Young House Love and thought, I could totally do that.  John and Sherry, the delightful duo behind YHL, made a habit of holding onto the keys from their old living quarters.  Rather than tossing them into a junk drawer, John and Sherry have four keys from their past framed up in a shadow box and on display in their home.

To be honest, the idea of keeping our keys hadn’t ever occurred to me.  But this post popped up just as we were preparing to surrender our condo and I decided to get crafty.

My decision to get crafty and my actual attempt at craftiness occurred about three months apart (typical).  But within that time I also stumbled upon the YessJess Etsy shop and fell in love with her adorable knit creations. I found this Little Knit Heart in Mustard Yellow and decided it was the perfect addition to my key collage.  

Adorable, no?

A few drops of super glue later I had the newest addition to our home decor:

Probably the only missing piece is a tiny hammer with a “break glass in case of emergency” sign for when I inevitably lose my house key.

Ladies, just another example for your men on the extreme importance of decorating your home.


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