Delivering Holiday Cheer

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Swearing we’ll send out holiday cards this year…  Our act was so not together last time, but I’m calling a November 7 wedding date a pretty good excuse.  I think we sat around in the “holy crap did we just get married?” fog for at least a few weeks.  Not to mention the very important yet rather tedious task of sending out thank-you notes for wedding gifts.  And really, I have to admit that we didn’t have our act quite together for those notes either.  I’m afraid some of our guests didn’t get their thank-you’s in the mail until Januar February.

So if the wedding came first and we got our notes out by February, you can only imagine when our Christmas cards would have arrived.  Opening a “Let it Snow!” card in March is bound to push people over the edge.

I’ve started rounding up a few of my favorite greetings with the hopes that we’ll do things like order them…sign them…address them…and maybe, just maybe, drop them in the mailbox.

And PS – speaking of thank-you’s – would it be so bad to go 1st grader style and send out these for my Christmas gifts this year?


…and do they make them for weddings?


Holiday Cards, clockwise from the top:

Merry Little Christmas

Gang of Gnomes

Custom Holiday Wreath

Daddy’s Stocking

Two Turtle Doves


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