Decking the Halls (Without Decking Each Other)

Somehow tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  How did this happen?  Weren’t we just crafting our Halloween costumes?  I’ll admit that the swift jump I took to my holiday Pandora station has had me a little more focused on tree-trimming than tryptophan – but regardless, here we are.

With the weekend quickly approaching, Ross and I started recapping our plans which include Thanksgiving dinner with his extended family and a little outdoor light-hanging help from his parents…

R: Oh, by the way, my mom got us a wreath – so I’m sure we’ll be getting it this weekend.

K: Nice! I wonder what it looks like – I hope it’s a pretty one!

R: What do you mean, pretty?  It’s a wreath.

K: Well I mean, there’s such a thing as an ugly wreath…

Flashbacks of our first Christmas tree quarrel filled my head as I struggled to articulate what I meant by “pretty” and “ugly” wreaths.   Luckily a few days later one of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard, posted a few lovely seasonal circulars from one of my favorite home decor shops, terrain.  Delighted at the chance to give my husband a visual on what I meant by a pretty wreath, I emailed him the photos Ms. Goddard shared on her blog.

Our email exchange went something exactly like this:

K: Remember when you were all…what do you mean, pretty wreaths??  This is what I mean.

R: Oh God, those are awful.  I wouldn’t even consider those wreaths.  They’re Christmas mistakes.

K: Are you kidding me?!?  You are no longer invited to contribute ideas to our Christmas decorating scheme this year.

Our email exchange turned into a phone call where phrases like, I thought I knew you – I thought you had taste! – immediately followed by, I could say the same about you!

Before hanging up Ross sternly informed me that a Christmas wreath should be nothing other than evergreen branches with a big red bow.

I sternly reminded him that he is working on Friday and I am not…

…and that when the cat’s away, the mice will play (and hang up pretty Christmas wreaths).

photos from terrain

2 thoughts on “Decking the Halls (Without Decking Each Other)

  1. I’m definitely writing that title down in my little writer’s journal for future reference. Decking the halls AND decking each other!? Priceless!!!

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