Husband and Wife at Home: March Madness

When we moved into our house last June we hit the ground running with paint, more paint, furniture and art. We were pretty eager to break out of the confines of renting and make our new house our new home. In fact, within the first few months we had painted all but two rooms (including hallways) in the house. As of now, we’ve painted all but one.

But before we get to that, let’s show you this:

This was our master bedroom as it was listed before we bought the house. Nothing fancy – just your typical St. Paul half-story upstairs. (We got a real kick out of looking back at the photos of our house from the listing. Sure, the guy selling the house was a bachelor. But would it have killed him to at least straighten up the bed a little bit before photo time?)

For the last nine months, our bedroom really didn’t look much different from that original photo. Although we did replace the old, smelly carpet (which did make a substantial difference) we pretty much just bought a dresser and set up a bed frame and called it good. When guests came over it was easy to close the door to the upstairs and say, “there isn’t much to see up there.” But this winter we finally got sick of walking upstairs to the barren wasteland that was our boudior. March Madness 2011 was then official for Basketball and the Bedroom. So it seems fitting that on the night of the NCAA final, I introduce our new and improved bedroom:

Ahh, that feels better, doesn’t it?

The rundown of our process is best-suited for another post. And by no means is this room complete. Next up: curtains, a chair for the desk, colorful knobs on the dresser, and I have *big* plans for a white-framed gallery wall around the corner from the desk (and even bigger plans for how Stedman is going to hang everything whilst perched upon those stairs).

For now I’ll give you the item-by-item rundown in the form of a conversation I had with my dad after I sent him a few photos of our latest project:

Dad: Where’d you get the dresser?

Me: Ikea (purchased shortly after moving in)

Dad: Where’d you get the duvet cover?

Me: Target, $19.99 on sale (Yep, really)

Dad: What about the nightstands?

Me: Homegoods, $59.99 each

Dad: And the lamps?

Me: Homegoods, $59.99 each

Dad: The desk?

Me: Target, $75 on sale

Dad: And how about that TV?

Me: 1992.


Add in a fresh coat of paint (about $40) and our March Madness Bedroom-a-thon total comes in at just under $375 (we don’t count our nearly year-old dresser in the total). And of course, the relief I feel walking up the stairs to our new, Omigod look what we did upstairs! oasis, instead of our, Omigod please don’t go up there! embarrassment is priceless. (Although I’m sure Ross put that feeling somewhere on the Excel spreadsheet budget, too.)


{This is part two in a little series called Husband and Wife at Home. Check out the first post here.}