Another peek into the future?

I’m sure that by now, many of you have met the Sienna Family:




If not, you should probably watch that video up there. Seriously. Do it.



And now, to up the swagger ante, the family has their very own music video! Complete with blonde toddler jammin’ in tie-dye leggings and phrases such as, No mother father swearing!





I’d say this is proof positive that (future) parenthood doesn’t have to equal a loss of straight up awesome.  The bar has officially been set.  Hopefully we can live up…in 3-5 years. 

You can watch the Sienna Family get their awesome on in the full line-up of commercials here.


5 Easy Steps to Discovering You’re (Almost) Famous


Step 1: Notice a tweet from Katy over at Matt Blum Photography.

Step 2: Click on her link – Katy has started her own Etsy Shop!

Step 3: Inspired by Katy’s tweet, decide to take a peek at Matt’s website to see what’s new.

Step 4: Click on Galleries -> Weddings -> Engagement .

Step 5: Discover *you’re* what’s new and  Fah-reak out.



Look ma!  We’re famous!

(Oprah famous? No. But throw me a friggin’ bone, here.)



PS- You can check out the wedding photo slide show Matt and Katy put together for us here.

Safety First


Today is Earth Day.

Ross is “celebrating” by “skipping work” (“Skipping” of course, meaning giving appropriate notice and receiving advanced, documented approval for utilizing earned PTO because we all know how much you love to live on the edge, dear) and heading to Target Field for the Twins game. Oh, and the Earth Day thing?  He is taking mass-transit.

I, on the other hand, will be celebrating Earth Day with not one, but two drills to prepare for one of the most terrifying things that can happen our beloved Earth: tornadoes.

Not only will my office be conducting an “Emergency Preparedness Evacuation Drill”, but the entire state of Minnesota will be participating in the annual, “Tornado Drill Day“.  According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “It’ll sound like tornadoes are bearing down across Minnesota Thursday — twice in most parts of the state — but it’s only a test.” 

Well thank God.

Because, really, what says “Let’s celebrate and protect our planet!” better than visions of flying bicycles and houses dancing in my head?

Time to grab a hardcover textbook and head to the hallway, kids.  Happy Earth Day!  Tornado season is a’comin’!


Photos found here, here and here

Secrets, Secrets are So Fun…

We’ve got something to tell you.



But we can’t tell you yet.


And it’s big.

…How big?

Really big.

…Bigger than a breadbox?


Oh definitely bigger than a breadbox.  Unless it’s a breadbox for someone like Roald Dahl’s BFG.  I mean look at the size of those feet!  His breadbox has gotta be huuuuge.  (No inappropriate joke intended.  Ok, maybe a little.)


…stay tuned.


Image found here

Iowans Anonymous..well, not anymore.

Hi.  My name is Katie and I am an Iowan.

Hi Katie.

Am I technically and Iowan anymore?  Probably not.  After more than two years in Minnesnowta I’m probably what you’d call a recovering Iowan.  Or maybe an Iowan in transition?  Not sure how many of my born-and-bred Minnesota friends would give let me use “Minnesotan” yet, but I’ll get there.

Before I moved up to the Twin Cities, I really had no idea how little respect my new state had for Iowa.  It doesn’t seem that Minnesotans necessary hate Iowa.  The eye-rolls and laughter come more from the fact that they see my home state as effectively useless.  Hey, what do you mean pigs don’t walk down the highway in Minnesota?

During our LDR (long-distance relationship) days, Ross would leave work on Fridays to come visit me in Des Moines.  And each time he would mention to a coworker that he was going to Iowa for the weekend the constant reply was “….Why?” complete with wide-eyed stare and horrified confusion. This “Why” wasn’t a polite, what brings you down there?. “Why” meant Why on God’s green earth would you give up a perfectly good weekend to spend it in the wasteland that is Iowa.

Apparently Ross was able to look past my geographic shortcomings.  Because we’re married now.  And there is no turning back.

I’ve done my part, I think, to assimilate to my new state.  I have a Minnesota driver’s license, Minnesota license plates and I’m even a registered Minnesota voter.  But there’s no love lost for The Hawkeye State in my heart…or on my chest, for that matter.

My most recent clothing purchase is proof positive that not only am I from Iowa, but Iowa still totally rules.  Last week I bought the “Decorah: Lutherans gone wild.” design from the grouping above.  (Decorah, of course, being home to the awesomest school in the whole wide world, Luther College).  A good Iowa-transplant friend of mine introduced me to the t-shirt’s maker when she first wore her “Des Moines:  Hell Yes.” tee.  And lest we forget how much I love my Snuggie, the shop has my back.  RAYGUN’s store is located in Des Moines, but if you’re not nearby, you can always find their amazingness online.

Check out RAYGUN’s awesome collection here, and read their recent write-up in the Des Moines register here.

Don’t Meth with Iowa.

Photos from RAYGUN

No Snow March

You guys!  Do you know how exciting this is?  We’re on the verge of a history-making month.  If we can make it through the next eight days without snow, this will be the first time ever – EVER!the Twin Cities has seen a snowless March.  And to make the accomplishment even more significant, March usually averages a foot of snow!

Better still?  It will mean that when I’m 82 with blue hair (and people are forced to listen to me because, duh, I’m their elder), I can say things like, “I remember the March of 2010 when we didn’t see a single snowflake!” instead of things like, “I remember the March of 2010 when your Grandpappy ate bread from the trash can!”

See, Mother Nature?  Everybody wins.

Image from Kare 11