February Hibernation Tactics

While this is happening today, we’re keeping warm with hot coffee and oatmeal pancakes.

Farewell clear streets and sidewalks, we barely knew thee…


Cupcake Love


This post is half about cupcakes and half about me playing with the macro focus my our new camera.  It’s also a little bit about showing Ross why I brought home a giant box of amateurly-decorated cupcakes and made him wait to eat any of the “pretty” ones until I had some natural light for photo snappin’.

I took these photos on our front porch today after I got home from work. Our house is pretty close to the house next door and our porch is pretty much just a room of look inside! windows so I had to be sly.  Of course I was less worried about our neighbors seeing me set cupcakes on top of mirrors and taking photos than I was about them seeing the cupcakes and coming over to eat some.

Oh, and where did these cupcakes come from, you ask? I get together with a few girlfriends every couple of months to put on cute aprons and bake festive things. We each decorate up a storm and bring home our creations. Last time was Christmas cookies, next time is Easter eggs. And next time I’m hosting. So naturally Ross is covering our entire house in plastic wrap and I’m breaking out my bedazzler.

It Has Been Determined…

I spent last weekend at an incredible cabin up north.  While I was relaxing with my girlfriends and a very special bride to be, I discovered a few things…

face masks feel lusher by the lake


grapes taste fancier on the patio


sunrises look prettier through the treetops


And when I came home to my husband, we determined this:


s’mores aren’t easier on a George Foreman


Isn’t learning new things fun?

Yesterday I…

Wished my parents a happy 30th (!) anniversary

Received some lovely mail…

Finished a little arts and crafts project…

Promised I’d only eat one…

…and lied.

Oh! And I turned twenty-five. Or as my charming parents called it, “halfway to fifty!”

That’s what I get for hurtling my mother into labor on their five-year anniversary.


No Mercy


Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The Bad news: Cupcake Monday is on hiatus for the summer.  (Right, right, pull out your tiny violins…)

The Good news: We have house guests!  And one of those guests is a baker!  A baker whose menu in the last year has included such delights as:

Coconut Creme Pie

Lemon Tarts

Homemade Pretzels, Bagels and donuts

Mini Apple Pies

Blueberry Buttermilk Scones

Spiced Shortbread


…wait for it:


Triple Layer Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake


When Laura (the baker) and her husband, Matt (Ross’ Best Man) called to ask if they could stay with us this weekend, we may have screamed YES.

And ever since that phone call the top button of my jeans has been having nightmares and getting stress headaches and come Sunday will no doubt be on its knees begging for mercy. 

There will be no mercy.

Chocolate-Chip Would be Wonderful, Thanks!

We’ve (finally) started packing.  We’re doing this whole,  picking things up, putting them into boxes and taping those suckers up thing – rather than the sitting on couches, staring at things and staring at each other method we’ve been perfecting up until this point.

All this putting our lives into boxes has had me thinking we should probably let our family and friends know where those boxes are going.  …which has me thinking we’ll probably send out some kind of moving announcement.  You know, in the mail.  In actual envelopes with actual stamps carried by an actual mailman (or woman, as the case may be). 

People like getting mail, right?  It’s nice to open your mailbox and see something other than your cable bill (thieves!) or another offer from MasterCard (Honey!  Are you seeing this?? We’re pre-approved!).  Getting a personal piece of correspondence just feels good.  The kind of good that makes you want to do things like bake cookies.  And if we don’t send out adorable little cards with our new address on them, how will you know where to bring those delicious cookies?

And with that in mind, I’m thinking the moving announcements above may not be the surest route to cookie-ville.

The search continues…

Upfront Moving Announcements” from GOATcards

Sounds Delicious

Last week, in an effort to combat the miserable weather we were facing, Ross and I decided to dive into a few bowls of Eddington’s soup.

One of my sampler selections was Split Pea soup – which I have loved since childhood.  I can understand why some people think that’s weird.  To be fair, it’s basically a bowl of green mush.  But on a cold and rainy day (or any day, really) I find it to be quite delicious.  My fondness for Split Pea soup might also have something to do with the response rhyme my dad never failed to bring up whenever his squirmy daughters sat down for a green mush meal:

What’d you have for breakfast?

Pea green soup!

What’d you have for lunch?

Pea green soup!

What’d you have for dinner?

Pea green soup!

What’d you do in bed?


My sister and I answered each question with gusto and squeeeealed with delight when we were fully authorized to shout  about PEEING at the dinner table.  Bathroom humor!  At dinner!  What fun!

The first time I told that one to Ross he laughed (although not nearly as hard as my sister and I do did, but whatever) and proceeded to tell me about the PEE humor in his family.  Apparently whenever it was little round green vegetable time at his house, Ross’ dad would drop one off the table and say:

Oops!  I pea-ed on the floor.

Can you imagine the kind of pea-flying chaos that ensued after that one?  Two little boys, people.  BOYS.

Anyway, just a little peek into our past and the kind of childhood tales that totally mean we were Made For Each Other.  Because nothing says cosmic connection like pee jokes!

Guilt-Free Breakfast

Ross and I spent last weekend in Des Moines with my parents and Saturday was opening day of the incredible Downtown Farmers’ Market.  Like smart (and hungry) market-goers should, we woke up at 7am to head downtown and get in line for The Farm Boys breakfast burritos. 

If you get everything (and why on earth wouldn’t you?) you’ll stuff your face with $5.50 worth of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, seasoned potatoes, cheese, sour cream, salsa, onions and jalapenos, all wrapped up in a warm tortilla. 

And the best part?  My dad tells me they’re 100% fat and calorie free! 

Trust him, he’s a doctor.

Patience is a Virtue

Remember when I told you about Cupcake Mondays?

Today Ross sent me this message:

chocolate caramel crumb cupcake with cream cheese filling

…i’m saving it

There is absolutely no way I’d be able to stop myself from downing that cupcake-of-my-dreams the second it touched my desk.  I’d probably accomplish it  in one bite.  And Lord only knows if I’d get the paper off in time.

Dear Husband, I hope our children inherit your patience and will-power.  They’ll need it when they inherit my severe addiction to baked goods.  I’m sorry.