A Well-Placed Reminder

Ross isn’t the kind of guy who forgets anniversaries.  In fact, he reminded me this year of our fourth dating anniversary.  But just in case, it looks like Facebook will have his back.  

This is what my Facebook home page looked like this morning.  And I’d imagine his looks the same (the Ross replaced with Katie, of course).


My favorite part is the coincidental placement of the “What are you planning” box, which is normally there as a starting point for putting together a Facebook event.  In this case, I see it as two reminders for the price of one:

1. Dude, it’s your anniversary this weekend.

2. You better figure out an answer to the above question.



It Has Been Determined…

I spent last weekend at an incredible cabin up north.  While I was relaxing with my girlfriends and a very special bride to be, I discovered a few things…

face masks feel lusher by the lake


grapes taste fancier on the patio


sunrises look prettier through the treetops


And when I came home to my husband, we determined this:


s’mores aren’t easier on a George Foreman


Isn’t learning new things fun?


Ross’ alarm goes off about 45-minutes earlier than mine each morning.  And, gracious husband that he is, he keeps his morning routine incredibly quiet, allowing me to catch a few extra winks before I start my day.  He keeps it quiet until it is time to become my alarm, that is.  And bless his heart, I press the snooze button every time.  Once he’s finally managed to get me to open my eyes, he heads to the other room and flips on Minnesota Public Radio.  The radio plays in the background as I get ready and stays on after Ross heads out the door. 

A few weeks ago I was alone with the radio when a special weather report came out of the speakers, into my brain, ripped out my sanity and said HOLD ONTO YOUR SORELS, KIDS, WINTER IS COMING AND IT’S GOING TO SUCK. BAD.

The most logical thing to do, of course, was to call Ross at work and freak out over the impending doom MPR just jump-started my day with.  

Katie: Do you know what I just heard on MPR?  EL NINA is coming.

Ross: La Nina.

Katie: Are you kidding me right now, Stedman?  Whatever, LA Nina is coming and the voice in that talking box just told me it means we’re in for an especially long and cold winter. 

Ross: (Sigh) Alright, I didn’t want to tell you this, but, I’ve been seeing signs.

Katie: Excuse me?

Ross: Early signs of a rough winter.  Lately I’ve been noticing the squirrels in the neighborhood have been especially active. 

Katie: You have got to be kidding me.

Ross: It’s TRUE, OK?  When the squirrels increase their activity level this early it’s because they’re preparing for a big, long winter. 

Katie: […………]

Ross: They’re stockin’ up.   I’m sorry.

So there you have it, folks.  Hyper-active squirrels, just like I promised

I’m still trying to decide what’s more fantastic: the fact that my husband uses squirrels to predict the weather?  Or the fact that held out as long as he could before telling me.

You can find SuperSquirrel’s origin here.

Pimp My Brows

Several years ago I had a traumatic run-in with a salon, some wax and those pesky stray hairs north of my eyeballs.  Long story short, I left with only one shaped brow and considerably less skin.

Needless to say, my motivation to return to (any) salon for a socially acceptable level of eyebrow maintenance (via hot lava wax and rippin’ strips) was quite low.

But last week I gave myself good a look in the mirror and said, Listen here, Bert, this can’t go on.

So on a pretty high recommendation I took my pet caterpillars over to see Christina at blink salon.  And rather than putting myself through the skin-tearing torture that still haunts my dreams, I booked an appointment for eyebrow threading.

…Say what?

If you can believe it, Christina used one tiny piece of thread (and some pretty fancy hand/wrist action) to clean up my brows in about five minutes.

And it just so happens that noted Twin Cities beauty blogger, Elizabeth Dehn, was at the salon at the same time for the same treatment!  As a demonstration for her blog and, let’s face it, proof that I actually got this done, “BeautyBets” herself video taped my appointment.

Stop on over to Elizabeth’s blog to see the fast-paced threadin’ action for yourself:


Oh, and if you’re wondering if Elizabeth is really this adorable in person, the answer is no – she’s even cuter.  She’s one of those people who makes you feel like you have known her for years–even if your only experience with her has been lying belly-up in a salon chair. 

I appreciate her taking it easy on the zoom button during our video session.  Here’s hoping the poor thing didn’t have to see my nose hairs…

Staying in the Know

At 24 years, 8 months and 13 days of age, I officially feel old.  I know I spent an entire post a few weeks ago talking about just how determined Ross and I are to not become “Old and Boring”, but this is different.  This is that, I’m finally old enough to have no freaking clue what “kids” are into these days, kind of old. 

I didn’t think I was that out of touch until I read an Ad Age article on the newest “kid craze,” SillyBandz.  (See what they did there?  See how they took the word, “Bands”, replaced the S with a Z and made it a sensation?  Bravo.  It’s just like those Bratz dolls or Webkinz things.  It seems that kidz really go for these produtz with wordz that end in Z.  Perhaps we should consider doing that with vegetables.  It’s brussel sproutz for dinner, tonight!)

So SillyBandz are apparently a pretty big deal.  These silicon bands come in different shapes and colors and kiddos wear them in multiples on their wrists and arms.  And I’m sure they trade them, much like we did with the equally genius crazes of our time such as Pogs and Pokemon.  It’s actually quite possible I still have my Pog case full of colorful cardboard discs, and of course, a slammer.

Kids wear these things like sleeves–and there is a photos page on the SillyBandz website to prove it.  What’s that you say?  Fun for all ages?  Even babies have jumped on the bandwagon! (hey-o).  

I can only imagine these bands are pretty much elementary school currency.  Can’t you see it in the lunch room?  Hey!  Hey you!  I gave you my last pudding pack last week. You owe me a unicorn SillyBand.  Better pay up kid ‘cuz I know which bus you ride.

I may not be hip to what’s cool with kids these days, but for now I’m OK with that.  I talked to my mom about these silly SillyBandz and told her how happy I was that I didn’t have to spend my money on this kind of thing.  She laughed and emphasized that my day will come…muahaha.

And I said, You know what?  Come to think of it, I’m not going to spend my money on it (and you can bet “practical is fun” Ross won’t either).  They can do their chores and buy their own damn SillyBandz. 

Chores = $$ = SillyBandz.

Let’s be real.  How else is the garbage going to get taken out?


(Image from Mommy Message)