The Curse of the DVR

Last night, while finally sitting down to watch last Thursday’s 30 Rock:


Ross: Oh God, honey. The Tivo is already at 70% capacity.

Me: I know. I don’t want to talk about it.


someecard found here

Pickin’ Up the Pace

I used to think that life would slow down once I graduated from college.  Older and wiser adults may [insert condescending laughter here]. Time seemed to fly so quickly back then that I couldn’t fathom an increase in speed.  Seriously, you guys, my stomach was so full of beer and Easy Mac back then I’m pretty sure moving faster would have made me vomit.

Graduation came around and I just knew that once I started my job, Father Time would be putzing around on his Rascal.

And then after I started my job, I got engaged.  Yes, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes serendipitous home ownership and now I’m pretty tempted to throw out the calendar all together because what has it done for me lately?

Now here we are at the beginning of fall and Ross and I have found ourselves booked through Thanksgiving.

Knowing how busy we’ll be in the next few months we had planned one weekend of rest to kick it all off.  And that weekend is this weekend.  And up until about Monday we were all, This weekend we are doing nothing…NOTHING!

And by about noon on Thursday we were all, Just kidding!

All of the sudden we have plenty on our plates for next couple of days (all of which we’re happy to have found!) despite our pledge to keep our schedules clear.

One of the things I’m most excited about doing this weekend is cheering on a few friends who are running the Twin Cities Medtronic Marathon.  I’ve never actually seen a marathon before but someecards seems to indicate it goes something like this.

Ross and I are pretty great at yelling at for people as they run by.  Last year my uncle and cousin ran the 10k race and…have you met my family?

Punch balloons are a specialty of mine.

There’s almost nothing I love more than making a loud and colorful scene in public!

And there’s nothing Ross loves less than standing next to me while I do it.

Good luck this weekend, runners!  We’ll see you near mile 24!

But let’s be honest, you’ll probably see us first.


Ross’ alarm goes off about 45-minutes earlier than mine each morning.  And, gracious husband that he is, he keeps his morning routine incredibly quiet, allowing me to catch a few extra winks before I start my day.  He keeps it quiet until it is time to become my alarm, that is.  And bless his heart, I press the snooze button every time.  Once he’s finally managed to get me to open my eyes, he heads to the other room and flips on Minnesota Public Radio.  The radio plays in the background as I get ready and stays on after Ross heads out the door. 

A few weeks ago I was alone with the radio when a special weather report came out of the speakers, into my brain, ripped out my sanity and said HOLD ONTO YOUR SORELS, KIDS, WINTER IS COMING AND IT’S GOING TO SUCK. BAD.

The most logical thing to do, of course, was to call Ross at work and freak out over the impending doom MPR just jump-started my day with.  

Katie: Do you know what I just heard on MPR?  EL NINA is coming.

Ross: La Nina.

Katie: Are you kidding me right now, Stedman?  Whatever, LA Nina is coming and the voice in that talking box just told me it means we’re in for an especially long and cold winter. 

Ross: (Sigh) Alright, I didn’t want to tell you this, but, I’ve been seeing signs.

Katie: Excuse me?

Ross: Early signs of a rough winter.  Lately I’ve been noticing the squirrels in the neighborhood have been especially active. 

Katie: You have got to be kidding me.

Ross: It’s TRUE, OK?  When the squirrels increase their activity level this early it’s because they’re preparing for a big, long winter. 

Katie: […………]

Ross: They’re stockin’ up.   I’m sorry.

So there you have it, folks.  Hyper-active squirrels, just like I promised

I’m still trying to decide what’s more fantastic: the fact that my husband uses squirrels to predict the weather?  Or the fact that held out as long as he could before telling me.

You can find SuperSquirrel’s origin here.

Husband & Wife At Home: Our Favorite Place

Summer flew by, as it always does.  On September 23 we will officially enter fall.

Although fall is one of my favorite seasons (what other season boasts a holiday where a cat ears or a bed sheet over your head solicits free. candy. with just a knock at the front door)  it also brings on a bit of anxiety.  It can be difficult for me to enjoy fall when old man winter is right around the corner rubbing his frigid, bony hands together and maniacally muahahaha-ing in my general direction.  These are the things that haunt my dreams.

Thankfully our new house has softened the impending blow a little. Slightly cooler temperatures mean Ross and I can now fully enjoy our new favorite place in the house, our front porch.  This past Sunday was not only the most freakishly beautiful day I’ve seen in ages, but also the perfect chance to spend some time relaxing in our sun-filled haven.

Before and afters usually showcase some horrifying display of I can’t believe they bought this place turned Martha Stewart masterpiece. But this isn’t that kind of a before and after.  Ross and I aren’t exactly what you call “handy”  – unless you mean handing someone else the tools or cash to do the job.  However, we’ve done a few things here and there to start making the place our own.  So without further ado, I present you HWML’s first installment of:  Husband & Wife At Home.

I have only one “before” shot of the front porch.  And if you’re like us, the “before” doesn’t scream help! so much as it screams I want to go to there. The previous owners really knew what they were doing out here and created a major selling point for the home.



We kept the wall color because it felt relaxing, but decided to change up the seating areas to accommodate a table and chair set for semi-al fresco dining.  The table and chairs were my grandparents’ and came over to the house from our condo.  Some new cushions, spray paint and several numb fingers later, we had this:

We added breezy white curtains from here to filter a bit of light and, most importantly, make me feel like I’m in the parachute hanger scene from Pearl Harbor.


On the opposite side of the porch is a built-in bookcase, which we painted white and filled with antiques and pretty much anything else that fit into our color scheme.

We purchased a neutral cover for a couch we already owned and Ross has occupied it ever since.  Seriously, I don’t think I’ve sat on it yet.  And knowing me, if I did sit on it, I’d have a glass of red wine in my hand.  And the terror in Ross’ eyes whilst waiting for me to spill would cancel out any chance I have to relax on it.


When I brought home that fan Ross said, Awesome! Does it work? to which I replied, Sure does. Its job is to sit there and look pretty.


{This is part one in a little series called Husband and Wife at Home. Check out the second post here.}


Fan Mail


A good friend of ours sent me this poster he whipped up after reading yesterday’s post.  I think I’ll have it printed into a real poster and hang it somewhere in the house that can’t be missed.  That way when the episode comes on where our brand new box spring for our brand new bed won’t fit up the stairs to our bedroom in our brand new (ahem, 1920’s) house I can just say: Stedman! Where’s the clicker?  I’m changing the channel. 

All This and More…

Set your Tivos, kids!  Fall Premiere Season is just around the corner.  And in case you didn’t notice, Husband Wife and Modern Life has taken a bit of a late summer break.  What?  You didn’t realize we live our lives by television seasons?  Aren’t you silly.

I thought I’d give you a few stills from our upcoming episodes to get you pumped up for the season premiere:

Box spring Battles! Shag carpet under more carpet! 

Hyper-active squirrels!  Car/Garage Collisions!  


All this and more…


I’d love to take credit for the image of SuperSquirrel up there, but Google Images warned me that “some images may be subject to copyright”.  And as you can see by my lovely collage above, I don’t have time for lawsuits…over squirrels.  So long story short, you can find SuperSquirrel’s origin here.

Yesterday I…

Wished my parents a happy 30th (!) anniversary

Received some lovely mail…

Finished a little arts and crafts project…

Promised I’d only eat one…

…and lied.

Oh! And I turned twenty-five. Or as my charming parents called it, “halfway to fifty!”

That’s what I get for hurtling my mother into labor on their five-year anniversary.


Freedom to Choose

While painting our soon-to-be office…

Ross:   I’m pretty sure this room used to be pink.  Must have been a nursery or something.

Katie:  Yep, that’s what some people do when they’re having a girl.  And who knows, maybe I’ll become “some people” and want to do that when we have a girl some day.  And if I’m pregnant, I’ll be hormonal.  And if I’m hormonal, you’ll likely have no choice on the paint color.

Ross: Oh. I always have a choice.  It just depends on whether or not I want to face your wrath.

We’ll Always Think of you Fondly…


We’re finally fully moved out of the condo. 

Oh!  Were you under the impression we had finished moving on moving day?  Oh no, no.  We weren’t exactly what you’d call “fully packed” when the movers arrived and therefore spent the last three weeks slowly and painfully moving the stragglers over to our new house. 

But now its time to turn in our keys.

And although I won’t miss those damn stairs or the fact that we shared a bathroom wall with our neighbors (yes, everything you’re imagining is true), I’ll still remember it as the place we had our first Christmas, the place we battled our first live-in rodent and the place where Ross got ready for our wedding.

The last item we moved out of the condo was my wedding dress, so photographing it in the now empty space seemed appropriate.  I really love this snapshot as a reminder of our first little home…

…that, and a photo for Ross of our fully vacuumed carpet, finally free of my hair.