Party People

On Saturday night we co-hosted our very first holiday party and had an absolute blast.  We’ve certainly come to appreciate the new homeowner push that comes with opening your home to the viewing public (i.e. – we can’t seem to get anything done around here until we know people are coming over – you know, normal people who actually hang their artwork instead of setting it on the floor against the wall)…

Tonight we’re keeping warm by our “fire” while Decemblizzard #2 hits the Twin Cities – while filling up on party leftovers, natch.  Copious amounts of extra yummy food *and* drink seem to be an added bonus of playing host and hostess.   We even discovered a bottle of belly-warming Jameson whiskey hiding in a basement cupboard.  Finders keepers!


Five Things That Sparkle

the sequin tank I’m wearing at work today


the cranberry sparkler (in five different versions!) from Rachael’s blog


the gilded leaves nestled in our antique sleigh at home


this silver tinsel ribbon for tying up Christmas packages


the lights on Christmas tree where Ross proposed exactly two years ago


Have a fantastic weekend, all!  We’re expecting snow in Minnesota tonight – which will no doubt add a little more sparkle to our Friday <3